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HRC performance

Measuring, tracking, and reporting progress against our performance framework is an important part of what we do.

2018 Annual Report cover

As the primary government agency with responsibility for investing public funds in health research, it is essential that we are transparent and accountable in all that we do. Our performance framework enables us to set targets, and to better understand our challenges and opportunities – all of which helps us make good decisions about where to focus investment or grow needed capacity and capability.

We continually measure and monitor our performance to test how well we are delivering against the priorities of government and our Council. These priorities are signalled in our annual Letter of Expectations, the HRC Act 1990, our Strategic Plan, and our Statement of Intent. We also work to strengthen the health and science system by implementing key government policies, such as the New Zealand Health Research Strategy, the New Zealand Health Strategy, the Research, Science and Innovation Strategy, and Vision Mātauranga.

You can find more detailed information on the HRC’s strategic direction, priorities, goals and targets in the following documents:

  • Statement of Intent – details our strategic direction and desired outcomes over the medium-term and provides a performance framework with indicators.
  • Statement of Performance Expectations – sets out our operating intentions for the coming year, with key performance indicators and targets.
  • Annual Report – reports progress against both annual and longer-term performance indicators and provides details of financial accountability.
  • Investment Plan a new requirement from 2019, the Investment Plan signals our medium-term directions to the research community. 

We also capture and celebrate the tangible achievements of our researchers and the real-world benefits that they generate from public investment in health research in the following reports:

  • Investment Impact Report – captures the difference our research and researchers have made, from better health outcomes and changes to practice and policy, through to economic returns and commercialisation.
  • Data Information Report details the returns on our investment in terms of publications, patents, media engagements, and more.
  • Bibliometric Report – an analysis of the impact of HRC-funded research publications (2005-2009).