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Working with Maori to build a Maori centred model of care in a mainstream acute

8 months
Approved budget:
Dr Jennifer Parr
Cath Aspinall
Assistant Professor Julia Slark
Professor Denise Wilson
Proposal type:
Research Activation Grant
Lay summary
The research aims to begin a consultation with Maaori to work towards building an evidence-based Maaori-centred model of care. The objectives of this research are to: 1.Engage and build relationships with Maaori consumers, whaanau and staff to share their stories and experiences of health care delivery, in an environment where manaakitanga and aroha are evident. 2.Conduct a priority setting partnership co-design exercise to enable Maaori participants and their whaanau to identify and prioritise their needs, to improve fundamental care delivery for Maaori in mainstream acute services. 3.Confirm the priorities for a Maaori Centred Model of Care for future implementation and evaluation. 4.Contribute to a further iteration of the Fundamental Care Framework reflecting the cultural, spiritual and whaanau needs of Maaori, including publication. 5.Identify, build and establish the research team for future work. 6.Validate a process of co-design for Maaori, including publication.