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Using Chinese medicine to treat tinnitus: targeting metabolic networks

30 months
Approved budget:
Associate Professor Yiwen Zheng
Health issue:
Proposal type:
International Relationship Fund
Lay summary
Chronic tinnitus is a debilitating condition that significantly reduces quality of life and presents a considerable socioeconomic impact to society. Its prevalence is expected to increase in the future due to an increased elderly population as well as risky music-listening behaviours. Importantly, no effective treatment is available, as tinnitus is likely a result of changes in complex interactive networks. One significant gap in tinnitus research and drug development is a lack of biomarkers that reflect the consequences of this interactive ‘tinnitus-causing’ network and drugs that can effectively modulate this network. We will pursue this novel and exciting direction by testing promising traditional Chinese medicine in a well-established animal model of tinnitus and targeting metabolic biomarkers with cutting-edge metabolomics technology through a unique collaboration between New Zealand and Chinese research teams. The proposed research will significantly advance the understanding of tinnitus and provide biomarkers useful in developing effective treatments for tinnitus.