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Translational advances in gastrointestinal (GI) surgical recovery and motility disorders

60 months
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Professor Gregory O'Grady
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Lay summary
Disorders of gastrointestinal (GI) function inflict a vast burden of symptoms, suffering and cost on society. In this programme, we advance novel platforms for addressing a wide range of GI motility disorders, including post-operative gut dysfunction, delayed gastric-emptying, chronic constipation and indigestion (collective incidence >20%). Current diagnostic and therapeutic solutions are limited, with most treatments for these disorders still being directed toward symptoms rather than causes. In recent years, our collaboration has become leaders in next-generation strategies for ‘high-resolution’ GI diagnostics and therapy. In this programme, we extend and apply these techniques to research novel mechanisms of GI dysfunction. We then investigate improved foundations for neuromodulation and pacing therapies. We will also introduce an ‘Advanced Motility Diagnostics Research Clinic’ for evaluating these translational methods in clinical practice. This work collectively offers high-impact advances, with potential to fundamentally change thinking and practice in surgical GI recovery and motility practice.