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Teleclinics for management of diabetes in pregnancy

17 months
Approved budget:
Dr Charlotte Oyston
Dr Karaponi Okesene-Gafa
Mrs Te Hao Apaapa-Timu
Dr Luis Villa
Professor Lesley McCowan CNZM
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Research Activation Grant
Lay summary
Diabetes in pregnancy (DiP) is a common complication that disproportionately affects Māori, Pacifica and Asian women. If untreated, DiP leads to poor outcomes for mothers and babies. Care for women with DiP is usually provided in large, busy clinics, which can be inefficient, with long waiting times even when time spent with the doctor or midwife is short. Due to COVID-19 we recently provided care for women through an alternative model: telephone clinics. Overseas, teleclinics have been used for care of women with DIP, with good outcomes. However the health impact, and women's perception of usefulness and satisfaction with these clinics have not been assessed in a New Zealand setting. It is important to evaluate this model of care in our setting, to ensure it is appropriate for women, and does not worsen existing health inequalities.