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Te Maramataka - Improving oranga through environmental mātauranga

6 months
Approved budget:
Dr Isaac Warbrick
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Māori Health Development Grant
Lay summary
For generations, Māori in Aotearoa and their relatives throughout the Pacific, observed, studied, and understood, the relationship between lunar cycles (te maramataka) and their impact on optimal times to fish, gather kai, plant, and harvest. Signs (tohu) could be seen in the flowering of plants, tides, and celestial activities which aided our people in survival. Our tipuna also understood how each stage of the maramataka influenced physical performance. For example, some days of the ‘month’ were considered optimal for high energy activities while others were low energy days, or days to give back and reciprocate. Although modern Māori lifestyles have changed as a result of colonisation, traditional understandings of te maramataka and various environmental signs has significant value as a framework and model to follow for good health. We hope to develop a project to identify current applications of te maramataka and develop new applications for health and well-being