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Supportive hospice aged residential care exchange: an evaluation

18 months
Approved budget:
Dr Rosemary Frey
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Research Partnership Project
Lay summary
The increasingly complex needs of aged residential care (ARC) residents and the fact that a large number of older adults will die while in ARC makes it essential that services have processes in place to facilitate quality end of life care. The Supportive Hospice and Aged Residential Care Exchange (SHARE) intervention has been specifically designed to address the complex health needs of older adults within ARC. SHARE has been successfully piloted in two ARC facilities. The proposal seeks funding to evaluate the first six months of a one year implementation of SHARE. The data collected will represent a midpoint assessment which will help to construct an understanding of needed changes for sustainability of SHARE as well as capture the effectiveness of the model. Working in collaboration with Mercy and North Shore Hospices the intervention will provide a mechanism to package and systematically foster knowledge exchange between hospice and clinical staff.