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Spatial oculomics with imaging mass spectrometry for drug delivery

36 months
Approved budget:
Dr Angus Grey
Dr George Guo
Associate Professor llva Rupenthal
Professor Paul Donaldson
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Consolidator Grant
Lay summary
Dr Gus Grey is a Sir Charles Hercus Senior Research Fellow, and recognised expert in the analysis of ocular tissues with imaging mass spectrometry. He has established his own research team to understand how lens cataract is formed, and to utilise lens physiology to develop novel drugs and delivery methods to delay the onset of lens cataract. In the current proposal, his team will first characterise pathways of nutrient uptake in the lens, and their subsequent metabolism to spatially map the effects of hyperglycaemia and diabetic cataract formation. Using dexamethasone as a model, he will then map drug uptake and metabolism pathways in the whole eye with a specific focus on the lens. This will establish a technology platform to inform the development of improved ocular therapies and novel drugs to treat major diseases of the eye.