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The prevalence of vitrectomy and cataract post vitrectomy in Pacific and Māori

6 months
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Miss Malia Pateli
Dr Julie Lim
Dr Rachael Niederer
Dr William Cunningham
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Pacific Health Summer Studentship
Lay summary
Diabetes increases the risk of diabetic retinopathy with advanced stages of diabetic retinopathy often resulting in the growth of leaky blood vessels into the vitreous, blocking vision, requiring a vitrectomy to be performed. However, overseas studies indicate that up to 80% of patients will develop cataracts within 2 years post-vitrectomy. Because the prevalence of diabetes-associated eye diseases is higher in Pacific and Māori, we predict the need for vitrectomy by these populations to be greater, placing Pacific and Māori at a higher risk of developing cataract post-vitrectomy. To test this, we will conduct a retrospective review of the clinical records of patients who underwent a vitrectomy procedure at the Greenlane Clinical Centre within the past 10 years. These findings may lead to changes in the clinical management of vitrectomy that will contribute to improved outcomes for all individuals, but in particular Pacific and Māori with ocular disease.