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Patient education and self-management for painful shoulders

18 months
Approved budget:
Professor Gisela Sole
Associate Professor Nicola Swain
Miss Rosey Acker
Dr Allyson Calder
Professor Nancy Longnecker
Associate Professor Craig Wassinger
Health issue:
Injury (intentional and unintentional)
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Research Activation Grant
Lay summary
We will develop web-based resources for clinicians and patients to improve health literacy and self-management for painful shoulders. ACC statistics indicate a five-year 50% increase for costs of shoulder injuries for middle- and older-aged adults. This activity advances the Otago Shoulder Health Study, determining the usability of the pilot patient education resources, tailored towards different ethnocultural groups. We will establish information to be included that is meaningful for patients and clinicians and encourages access and use. Using participatory action research, we will co-create web-based resources with Māori, Pacific Island and Pākeha physiotherapists and patients, ensuring that Māori worldviews and knowledge are included. We will then invite a web-designer and a film making student to produce a web-based resource. Future translational research will explore wider usability of the patient resources as part of face-to-face consultations and of Telehealth, with the vision of decreasing costs and improve outcomes of shoulder-related pain.