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Outpatient balloon induction of labour versus inpatient prostaglandins; an RCT

36 months
Approved budget:
Dr Michelle Wise
Health issue:
Obstetric complications/perinatal care
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Research Partnership Project
Lay summary
Induction of labour is the artificial initiation of labour compared to expectant management of pregnancy where spontaneous labour is awaited. Mechanical methods of induction of labour, such as balloon, are safer than pharmacological methods, such as prostaglandin gel. One in four New Zealand women has an induction of labour. This clinical trial will recruit women who need induction of labour at term at six hospitals around New Zealand. Participants will be randomly assigned to go home after commencing induction of labour with a balloon, or to remain in hospital after a prostaglandin gel. All women and babies will be monitored closely. This study will evaluate if balloon induction at home improves the chances of women having a vaginal birth. Balloon induction at home has the potential to give women more choice and improve satisfaction, and to save on health care costs, while maintaining safe outcomes for mothers and their babies.