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Me'akai, Suka mo e Mo'ui Lotolu (Food, diabetes and total wellbeing)

4 months
Approved budget:
Dr Soana Muimuiheata
Dr Gael Mearns
Dr Sione Vaka
Professor Elizabeth Smythe
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Knowledge Translation Grant
Lay summary
The high prevalence of diabetes among Tongans in New Zealand is due to lifestyle changes and acculturation. Talanoa and the hermeneutic phenomenology approach has captured the lived experiences of Tongans with diabetes. This research recognises the effect of Tongan cultural values, food practices and communal way of living for optimal management of diabetes for Tongans. It is critical to share research findings with the Tongan community and churches in New Zealand. Dissemination of findings through presentation, posters and publication (flyers) translate knowledge to support diabetes prevention and control in the Tongan community. Creating a whole community approach, supportive environment at home, church and community is required, as the whole community is at high risk of developing diabetes. It is impelling to support the diabetes prevention and treatment efforts.