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Looking at the placenta through a detailed lens: relating anatomy to function

30 months
Approved budget:
Associate Professor Alys Clark
Professor Emeritus Peter Stone
Dr Joanna James
Postdoctoral Fellow
Health issue:
Obstetric complications/perinatal care
Proposal type:
Consolidator Grant
Lay summary
When a fetus does not grow as well as it should, it can have major implications that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many cases of fetal growth restriction are not detected early in pregnancy, when problems start to occur. In recent years there have been an explosion of new technologies that are designed to have a closer look at pregnancies impacted by fetal growth restriction. In particular, with a focus on the placenta which provides the fetus with all the nutrients it needs to grow well. Here we propose to provide an integrated approach to understanding how the placenta functions by looking at its structure and function in detail in the same pregnancies both prior to and after birth. We will use sophisticated computational approaches to relate data acquired via different technologies with a focus on detecting fetal growth restriction earlier and more accurately.