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Kupesi ‘o e Nofo ‘a Kainga.

6 months
Approved budget:
Mrs Litiuingi Ahio
Dr Malakai Ofanoa
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Knowledge Translation Grant
Lay summary
The purpose of this proposed study is to translate research findings into community knowledge and action. The findings from my PhD research, title: To explore the experiences of Tongans living in a nofo ‘a kāinga, managing Long-term conditions (LTCs) within the New Zealand Healthcare system will be disseminated to the Tongan community. Long-term conditions refer to any long term/recurring health priorities that can be controlled but not cured and substantially affect people’ lives, thus required continuing management over a period of years. Like other developed countries, New Zealand healthcare authorities have recognized the need for greater support mechanisms for people with LTCs. To date, little attention has been given to the experiences of Pacific population with LTCs in Aotearoa. Therefore, a summary brochure of the strength-based approach of Kupesi ‘o e nofo ‘a kāinga findings will be disseminated to better support the Tongan community, managing of LTCs within Aotearoa.