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Kei roto tō tātau rongoā: A community/whānau-based approach for wellbeing

40 months
Approved budget:
Professor Denise Wilson
Dr Tanya Allport
Dr Alayne Mikahere-Hall
Dr Leland Ruwhiu
Dr Nicole Coupe
Professor Tania Ka'ai
Ms Rolinda Karapu
Professor Stephen Reay
Dr Moana Eruera
Health issue:
Wellbeing (autonomy self-determination)
Proposal type:
Māori Health Project
Lay summary
Whānau Māori live with family violence and have mokopuna (babies and children) removed for child maltreatment at significantly higher rates than non-Māori families. For these whānau, the health and wellbeing consequences are immense and long-term. Currently, internationally adapted programmes are only available to those whānau deemed at highest-risk of harming their mokopuna. Working on the notion, kei roto tō tātau rongoā (the solutions lie within us), this proposal is phase one of a two-phased kaupapa Māori project informed by appreciative inquiry. We will undertake co-construction wānanga with whānau who have had mokopuna removed for child protection concerns and key informants to construct a uniquely Māori whānau- and community-led prevention approach that aims to (a) strengthen their cultural identity and connection, and (b) support whānau knowledge and skill development for optimal caring of their mokopuna. We will also produce whānau wellbeing measures. Phase two will implement and evaluate the prevention approach.