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Intervening in sleep to improve perinatal mental health outcomes

12 months
Approved budget:
Professor Tracey Signal
Dr Bronwyn Sweeney
Assistant Professor Mark Huthwaite
Mrs Clare Ladyman
Professor Christopher Cunningham
Mrs Hannah Mooney
Associate Professor Katherine Sharkey
Associate Professor Bei Bei
Associate Professor Tupa'ilevaililigi Ridvan Firestone
Dr Tanya Wright
Professor Jane Fisher
Health issue:
Obstetric complications/perinatal care
Proposal type:
Research Activation Grant
Lay summary
The overarching aim of this research is to improve perinatal mental health in New Zealand through sleep and circadian health education and intervention. This activation project will be used to explore current knowledge and existing services in this space; expand current networks to bring together researchers, clinicians and health service delivery groups working on this issue; and develop future research that will implement and test the efficacy of psychoeducational methods with a sleep and circadian health focus.