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Improving trauma-informed care for youth with complex trauma in residential care

24 months
Approved budget:
Ms Jennifer Montgomery
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Research Development Award
Lay summary
My research involves youth in a residential care and protection facility supported by CCDHB mental health services. This population experiences disproportionately high rates of trauma and represents some of the most vulnerable, complex, and at-risk youth in New Zealand. This population is over-represented by rangatahi Māori, who are evidenced to experience significantly poorer mental health outcomes compared to Pākehā youth. There is limited existing information to understand the specific characteristics and needs of this population. My research will focus on developing an understanding of this population’s mental health needs and trauma experiences through consumer engagement. I will analyse current models of care and practices, and compare these with national and international best practices. My project will advocate for the implementation of a culturally-safe trauma-informed model of care for youth in residential care. This research will address health inequities, reduce the risk of re-traumatisation and improve health outcomes for this population.