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Improving outcomes for support workers in aged care

45 months
Approved budget:
Mr Karol Czuba
Proposal type:
Clinical Research Training Fellowship
Lay summary
I am a young researcher passionate about aged care. My intention is to put my stake in the ground and become an expert in this important area. My future research portfolio will focus on ensuring New Zealand has a healthy and well-trained workforce providing high-quality care for the aged. The proposed project has a strong focus on health delivery, and on improving health and well-being of support workers in aged care settings. During the Clinical Research Training Fellowship I will undertake a research project developing and evaluating a New Zealand Aged Care Specialist Program. This project will involve a systematic literature review and focus groups which will guide the development of the Program. The Program will then be trialled in sampled aged care facilities in a cluster randomized controlled trial. The Aged Care Specialist Program will provide an innovative and implementable solution to the challenges facing New Zealand aged care.