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Hookin' up - Mental health and Pasifika students intimate relationships

42 months
Approved budget:
Dr Byron Seiuli
Health issue:
Mental health (and sleep disorders)
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lay summary
This study will examine vital connections between intimate partner relationships with mental health amongst Pasifika tertiary students in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. I will examine Pasifika students' understandings about the constitution of healthy intimate partner relationships; beliefs, attitudes and experiences of mental health challenges related to intimate partner relationships; and, beliefs and practices related to coping with or addressing of mental health concerns connected to intimate partner relationships. I will undertake up to 100 in-depth interviews and up to 20 case studies to gather information that will be analysed, thus furthering our understanding on this important topic. The data collection will involve up to four tertiary institutions in New Zealand and three from the Pacific islands. The overall findings from this study will be disseminated to key Pacific groups in the health care sector, particularly mental health, through academic publications, lectures and conference presentations.