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He Toa Taumata Rau - The Many Resting Places of Courage

36 months
Approved budget:
Dr Tepora Emery
Dr Heather Hamerton
Dr David McBride
Mr Calvin Mitchell
Dr Candy Louise Cox
Mrs Anna Elders
Health issue:
Mental health (and sleep disorders)
Proposal type:
Māori Health Project
Lay summary
Transition from military to civilian life can be a critical period for Māori veterans and a challenging time for their whānau (Perlick et al., 2017). ‘Transition stress’ is prevalent, multifaceted, and can lead to serious mental health problems (Mobbs 2018). For veterans with a strong attachment to the military culture, assimilation into the civilian world can be doubly difficult. Loneliness, social isolation and drug and alcohol addiction are possible outcomes and, this being so, the risk of suicide must be considered. Investigating these phenomena, the aim of He Toa Taumata Rau is to better understand the transition, reintegration and homecoming experiences, and needs, of contemporary, New Zealand Māori, Defence Force veterans and their whānau. Using narrative inquiry, the research will develop a set of co-constructed homecoming-transition narratives that, in turn, will inform the development of an holistic, mātauranga Māori-based model of care for veterans and whānau.