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Hauora Rangatahi Māori: Appropriateness and acceptability of health measures

42 months
Approved budget:
Miss Georgia McCarty
Professor Emma Wyeth
Associate Professor Trudy Sullivan
Professor Sarah Derrett
Professor Dr Sue Crengle
Health issue:
Wellbeing (autonomy self-determination)
Proposal type:
Māori Health PhD Scholarship
Lay summary
This study will utilise qualitative methods underpinned by kaupapa Maori principles to conduct a scoping review of the advantages and disadvantages of existing youth HRQoL measures for rangatahi Maori. Acceptability and feasibility of existing youth HRQoL measures will be investigated through wananga and think aloud sessions with Maori rangatahi and their whanau. Findings will be analysed, synthesised and interpreted. The valuation of health states is of public health significance in NZ. Adapting or creating a health measure specifically for Maori rangatahi and understanding the HRQoL preferences of Maori, will contribute to knowledge and improve the efficiency of health funding decision-making, and help to reduce health disparities for Maori.