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Evidence to guide investment in a model of primary care for all

34 months
Approved budget:
Professor Dr Nicolette Sheridan
Ms Jacqueline Schmidt-Busby
Dr Nelson Aguirre-Duarte
Dr Gail Perera
Health issue:
Other (generic health or health services)
Proposal type:
Primary Care Models of Care Project
Lay summary
Evidence is unclear on which models of primary care are most effective in New Zealand. By drawing upon a diverse, interdisciplinary team of investigators we will explore the effectiveness of primary care delivery across three broad models: traditional general practice; corporate general practice; and the health care home. We will consider effectiveness in terms of quality, equity, and cost effectiveness. The goal is to learn practical lessons for the most effective future primary care system for New Zealanders. The components of our study are: • Qualitative and quantitative case studies of a wide range of primary care services, describing their models, activities and impacts. • Quantitative analysis of national and regional datasets to augment case studies, and to assess how generalisable case study findings are across New Zealand. • Analysis of costs of different models (to individuals and to the state), providing a context in which to interpret outcomes as cost effective