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Estimating the cost of dementia care in NZ and modelling future costs and needs

60 months
Approved budget:
Dr 'Etuini Ma'u
Associate Professor Sarah Cullum
Professor Ngaire Kerse MNZM
Dr Malakai Ofanoa
Associate Professor Gary Cheung
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Clinical Training Fellowship
Lay summary
As the proportion of the NZ population aged 65 years and older increases, there will be a concomitant increase in dementia cases, projected to triple by the year 2050 and resulting in increased strain on the health system. The primary objective of this research will be focussed on developing an economic model to both estimate current dementia care needs and project future care needs and the services required to meet those needs and costs. The study will have a specific focus on NZ Pacific Island (PI) communities where the majority of dementia care needs are met by the family, which could result in financial hardship, and this needs to be estimated and addressed by public health policy.