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The effect of discrimination on health outcomes for Pacific people

14 months
Approved budget:
Dr Sarah Kapeli
Health issue:
Mental health (and sleep disorders)
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Masters Scholarship
Lay summary
Research examining the interaction between perceived discrimination and place of birth on psychological well-being is scarce. However, recent research has examined the interaction between discrimination and ethnic identity on psychological well-being. The negative effects of discrimination are commonly tied with minority and/or ethnic groups and a lower socioeconomic status. This rings true for Pacific people in New Zealand, who are often aligned with poorer health status due to a lower socioeconomic position relative to other ethnic groups in New Zealand. Migration history has also demonstrated key changes in health when Pacific people migrate to New Zealand. Considering the current health profile of Pacific people in New Zealand and the contributing role of discrimination, this provides a unique opportunity for research. We will investigate the interaction between perceived discrimination and birthplace upon psychological distress of Pacific people residing in New Zealand.