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Dying as a health and social justice issue: exploring the impact of deprivation

42 months
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Dr Jackie Robinson
Ms Ying Huang
Professor Merryn Gott
Associate Professor Daniel Exeter
Dr Jinfeng Zhao
Dr Andrew Old
Associate Professor Janine Wiles
Ms Stella Black
Health issue:
Other (generic health or health services)
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Lay summary
International research has identified that people living in areas of deprivation are less likely to access services known to faciliate dying at home and improve overall satisfaction with end-of-life care. However, there is no evidence for Aotearoa, New Zealand about how deprivation influences experiences of palliative and end-of-life care, or determines place of death. Critically, there is no information from people living in areas of deprivation about the reasons for current patterns of health service utilisation, or their aspirations for support at the end of life. Using a public health perspective, this mixed methods study will investigate access to and experiences of services at the end of life for people living in areas of deprivation. Improving experiences of care at the end of life for people living in areas of deprivation in Aotearoa, New Zealand will be a key health outcome for this study.