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A device for monitoring visual acuity progression in young children at home

36 months
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Dr Jason Turuwhenua
Dr Alana Cavadino
Wikitoria Campbell
Amiria Crake
Dr Kevin Roos
Dr Joanna Black
Professor Benjamin Thompson
Dr Mohammad Norouzifard
Health issue:
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Lay summary
Amblyopia or lazy eye is a condition that, if left untreated, causes lifelong visual impairment, reduced quality of life, and doubles the lifetime risk of legal blindness. Visual acuity is the primary measure of treatment progression for lazy eye, but it is presently monitored by clinical visits, which is highly inconvenient. Difficulties in measuring visual acuity progression can cause uncertainty, which causes stress for children, families and clinicians alike. In this work, we aim to investigate the potential of a new device for the objective measurement of visual acuity progression in amblyopic children at home that aims to address these problems.