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Defining a biomarker profile for anastomotic leak following colon surgery

24 months
Approved budget:
Dr Bruce Su'a
Health issue:
Other (generic health or health services)
Proposal type:
Pacific Health PhD Scholarship
Lay summary
In my early years, I gained valuable insight to how research can empower a community. This has set me forward to a pathway combining research and clinical work. The proposed project and PhD will further my goal of becoming a clinical academic surgeon who serves the community through research and practice. The proposed research aims to define a biomarker profile for anastomotic leak following colonic surgery. Early diagnosis of an anastomotic leak following colorectal surgery is often delayed due its non-specific clinical picture. While biomarkers have been shown to assist in the early diagnosis of an anastomotic leak, data are limited to small or retrospective studies. By conducting a large multicentre, prospective observational study, this research will measure biomarkers in patients' blood in the peri-operative period, and correlating their trends in predicting an anastomotic leak. This will expedite earlier effective treatment, reducing morbidity and mortality for our patients