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The decision-making process for women contemplating breast reconstruction

18 months
Approved budget:
Dr Tania Blackmore
Professor Ross Lawrenson
Professor Ian Campbell
Proposal type:
Research Development Award
Lay summary
Women diagnosed with breast cancer are faced with a number of treatment decisions at a time when emotional stress is high. New Zealand women do not currently get access to comprehensive decisional aids when making breast surgery decisions. Consequently, little is known about the decision-making process for New Zealand women diagnosed with breast cancer. This proposal outlines a patient-focused approach to investigate the decision-making process of women who have undergone breast conserving surgery or mastectomy, with or without reconstruction. We aim to engage in a community collaboration and partnership with women to co-design a decision aid tool to help women make these complex surgical decisions in future. This study also aims to advance the health and wellbeing of Māori women by using a kaupapa Māori approach to determine Māori women’s perspectives on breast cancer surgery and identify the support needs of this group.