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A collaborative AR work and presentation tool to examine tumour evolution

31 months
Approved budget:
Dr Benjamin Lawrence
Professor Mark Gahegan
Professor Cristin Print
Dr Michael Davis
Associate Professor Uwe Rieger
Health issue:
Cancer (oncology)
Proposal type:
Explorer Grant
Lay summary
This project aims to produce a prototype augmented reality (AR) application and presentation space to enhance understanding of how cancer evolves in a single patient. We will build a customised interactive model targeted at both health professionals and patients. The framework will bring together complex data, providing a more detailed understanding of an individual’s cancer than possible previously. The project is unique in that it is formed from a collaboration between three diverse disciplines within our University; Architecture, Medicine and E-Research. To our knowledge, this project represents a world first, displaying multimodal cancer patient data in an interactive AR setting. It recognises the value of collaboration in science, putting interaction at the centre of finding solutions to complex problems. While this is a research tool in the first instance, it forms a blueprint for providing transformative clinical tools in the future, facilitating understanding of how cancer spreads throughout the body.