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Co-design whanau focused & Transitional care

12 months
Approved budget:
Alison Pile
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Research Development Award
Lay summary
Transitional Care has been highlighted by the Ministry of Health and the Newborn Clinical Networkas a priority for the provision of neonatal care particularly focusing on the late preterm and term infants transitioning in the perinatal period. This service is yet to be developed within the Southern DHB and this research career provides the opportunity to develop this. This will then enable Transitional care, with a focus on jaundice, to be developed alongside the community to meet their needs in an equitable fashion so that all infants and whanau can flourish and thrive. This research provide the opportunity to perform quantitative retrospective review of infants with jaundice who would meet the criteria fo transitional care, a qualitative study of Whanau experiences, consideration of equity tools alongside a systematic review and development of co-design skills to develop Transitional care within the Southern health system for the future.