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Bridging rongoā Māori healing and medical health treatment collaboration

26 months
Approved budget:
Professor Jonathan Koea
Health issue:
Other (generic health or health services)
Proposal type:
Feasibility Study
Lay summary
Previous research on collaboration between rongoa and medical treatment has shown that rongoa practitioners and patients support collaboration, but no research has been conducted with health professionals to ascertain their perspectives on rongoa/medical collaboration within the hospital environment. A synthesis of all available literature has been conducted on rongoa/medical collaboration which highlighted the issues identified in the literature and created a Rongoa Maori and Medical Collaboration Considerations Guidelines (RMM-CCG) This feasibility project aims to conduct consultation with rongoa practitioners, patients and health professionals by applying the RMM-CCG framework, and to gain confirmation that the full rongoa/medical collaboration study parameters are both culturally appropriate and medically robust.