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BODE3: Modelling preventive interventions to improve health and social outcomes

67 months
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Professor Nick Wilson
Health issue:
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Lay summary
This BODE3 program will use modelling to estimate health and wider societal benefits, costs, cost-effectiveness, and impact on inequalities of a range of preventive interventions. We will be focusing on dietary and physical activity interventions, and will also assess these and other interventions specifically for populations with a particular risk of cardiovascular disease. We will also look at how these preventive interventions contribute to a healthier working-age population. Which interventions provide maximal health gain for working-age adults? Which interventions increase productivity and reduce welfare payments? Which interventions increase quality of life among older people? These questions are especially important as life expectancy continues to increase. We will be building capacity, nationally and internationally, in epidemiological and cost-effectiveness modelling research. This research can inform decisions on how to best spend limited health resources in a way that improves health outcomes for New Zealanders.