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Automated Insulin Delivery for Type 1 Diabetes utilizing open source technology

36 months
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Dr Martin de Bock
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Lay summary
Automated insulin delivery (or closed loop technology) for type 1 diabetes has heralded a new era of treatment, delivering improved glucose management and quality of life. While commercial systems are existent overseas, cost will be an ongoing barrier to access this technology in New Zealand. However, an open access automated insulin delivery algorithm has been in development for years, but has previously required "hacking" of commercial insulin pumps, causing medicolegal concerns. A recent insulin pump innovation has opened the opportunity to utilize the open access technology, letting patients "close the loop" without voiding their insulin pump warranty. In this project we will compare glycaemic control, quality of life and health economics of this technology compared to standard insulin pump therapy in a multi-centred randomised controlled trial, in both children and adults with type 1 diabetes. Positive findings will lay the foundation for New Zealanders to access this life changing technology.