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Assessing the oral health sector’s organisational commitment to equity

16 months
Approved budget:
Dr Moira Smith
Mr Justin Wall
Dr Virginia Signal
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Research Activation Grant 2
Lay summary
Equity is a key priority of NZ’s health system, and for Māori, a constitutional right. Yet, severe, unacceptable and avoidable disparities in oral health persist. Achieving health equity requires a coordinated and collaborative effort across all levels of the health system, and a shared understanding and strategic prioritisation of equity. Little is known about how and to what extent oral health professionals’ organisations and associations prioritise and embed equity within their structures, processes, policies and practices. This project will develop a means of assessing and then identify gaps in oral health organisations’ prioritisation of and commitment to equity. It will also identify opportunities for future intervention and collaboration with key stakeholders within those organisations. The study findings will inform the design of further research to establish an evidence-based equity accreditation programme to assist oral health organisations to ‘advocate, navigate and support’ equity in oral health care delivery and sector leadership.