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More than $12.2M awarded for health delivery research

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Hospital patient with caring doctor

The Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) is delighted to announce the results of its latest Health Delivery Research investment rounds, designed to improve patient care and healthcare systems in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This month, the HRC awarded 7 Health Delivery Research Project Grants, 38 Health Delivery Research Activation Grants, and 4 Health Delivery Research Career Development Awards, to a combined value of $11.3 million. A further $915,000 will support 7 DHBs across Aotearoa to undertake research that adequately responds to health sector, patient and community needs. Details of the research to be carried out as part of these Health Sector Research Collaboration Grants will be announced in February 2022. 

This combined funding supports research that will directly contribute to improved healthcare delivery by informing decisions or changes to policy, practice or systems in the New Zealand health and disability sector. The HRC has a strong tradition of supporting clinical trials and clinical research development, but its redesigned Health Delivery Research investment portfolio, now in its second year, has attracted a new level of research engagement from the healthcare sector and those keen to improve it.

“The health sector has a critical role in connecting research with its end-users, speeding up translation, and ensuring research addresses the most important questions,” says HRC Chief Executive Professor Sunny Collings.

Collaborating with some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s district health boards helps upskill and empower hospitals to conduct more research, she says. “And the HRC will continue to work alongside the Ministry of Health to embed a research and innovation culture within the changing health service sector.”

See below for the full list of recipients announced today.

2021 Health Delivery Research Project Grants

These grants provide support for health delivery research that is connected to healthcare delivery at a practice, policy, or system level. Research should help address a health sector need, a demonstrated evidence gap, and consider knowledge translation.

Professor Nicola Kayes      
Optimising telerehabilitation practice in Aotearoa

Professor Jackie Benschop           
Enhancing leptospirosis diagnosis and outcomes for rural and Māori communities
Massey University

Professor J. Abbott 
University of Otago

Dr Tagonei Mharapara         
Sustainable LMC midwifery: Balancing work and whānau responsibilities

Professor Beverley Lawton
Hapū Whānau: Implementing iwi-owned service hubs to improve health outcomes
Victoria University of Wellington

Associate Professor Benjamin Darlow     
Reducing the burden of knee osteoarthritis through community pharmacy
University of Otago

Dr Lynne Chepulis   
Health-system factors contributing to inequity in diabetes medication use
University of Waikato

2021 Health Delivery Research Activation Grants (2nd tranche)

These grants were established to address a key gap in health sector readiness to engage in and undertake research. This funding helps researchers establish evidence needs or research opportunities, or develop research capacity, before applying for further health delivery funding.

Dr Ema Tokolahi      
Setting Occupational Therapy Research Priorities in the Waikato   
Otago Polytechnic

Dr Emily Cooney      
DBT skills groups in Te Whānau ō te Maungārongo
University of Otago    

Ms Christine Barthow         
Improving pre-diabetes/Type 2 diabetes care in high needs populations     
University of Otago    

Dr Barbara Cormack
Analysing vitamin status and early Intravenous Nutrition in the NICU           
The University of Auckland    

Dr Gavin Harris        
Computer Assisted Diagnosis in Pathology:  Guiding a pathway to translation      
Canterbury DHB        

Associate Professor Haizal Hussaini        
Feasibility of oral pathology tissue bank for Māori & Pasifika          
University of Otago    

Dr Natalie Anderson
Emergency ambulance care in the event of a death: What matters?           
The University of Auckland    

Ms Deborah Raphael           
Psychosocial interventions for post-treatment haematological cancer survivors         
The University of Auckland    

Dr Jackie Robinson 
Palliative care for people who are homeless and vulnerably housed           
The University of Auckland    

Professor Pamela Von Hurst          
Making nutrition support accessible and applicable for New Zealand communities   
Massey University     

Mr Nicholas Bowden           
Exploring educational outcomes among young people with diabetes           
University of Otago    

Dr Rebekah Graham
Tāngata kāpō Māori and health service (non) delivery         
Independent Researcher       

Professor Bridget Dicker    
Kaiāwhina Hauora Hapori (Community Health Helpers)      
Auckland University of Technology   

Dr Dean Mahuta        
Ngā Toronga o Te Kukunetanga: The branches of the Te Kukunetanga family
Auckland University of Technology   

Dr Jessica Young     
A new research agenda to support safe and accessible assisted dying in Aotearoa       
Victoria University of Wellington        

Dr Liesje Donkin      
A technology-based intervention for early detection of post-natal depression     
Auckland University of Technology   

Dr George Parker     
Gaps analysis of mental health and addiction services for rainbow communities   
Victoria University of Wellington        

Dr Sue Adams          
Improving access to primary health care: Integrating nurse practitioner roles        
The University of Auckland    

Ms Joanna Hikaka    
Indigenous health services development – tools and networks for pro-equity care
Independent Researcher       

Dr Jane Girling         
Menstrual health information delivery for Aotearoa New Zealand    
University of Otago    

Associate Professor Catherine Byrnes    
Intravenous antibiotic duration for children with bronchiectasis       
Middlemore Clinical Trials     

Dr Radilaite Cammock        
Creating food havens in South Auckland      
Auckland University of Technology   

Dr Susan Gee           
Preparing to meet the challenge of fitness to drive assessments    
Independent Researcher       

Dr Felicity Ware       
Māmā aroha: A digital breastfeeding resource to improve support for māmā 
Massey University     

Dr Kesava Kovanur Sampath         
Te Rourou Iti ā-Haere – Improving health outcomes for diabetic kaumātua       
Waikato Institute of Technology        

Dr Alison Leversha  
School absence and stand down: Preventive trauma and tikanga-informed approach        
Auckland DHB

Dr Jessica McCormack       
Investigation of services and programmes available in Aotearoa for FASD 
The University of Auckland    

Dr Katherine Bloomfield     
Co-design of core outcome measures for a multidisciplinary frailty intervention    
The University of Auckland    

Dr Rhys Ponton        
Exploration of inherited propensity for codeine misuse and dependence   
The University of Auckland    

Professor Jonathan Koea   
Te Matahourua: Charting the course of Rongoa and Medical Collaboration  
Waitemata DHB         

Mr Timothy Ryan     
Supportive self-management for new medications in type 2 diabetes           
Lakes DHB    

Associate Professor Jacqueline Ramke   
Models of diabetic retinopathy screening across Aotearoa  
The University of Auckland    

Dr Sarah Fortune     
Maximising the evidence-based management of self-harm in schools           
The University of Auckland    

Dr Joanne Deely       
Investigating navigational support for people living with stroke        
Burwood Academy of Independent Living

Dr Paulo Silva Pelicioni       
Investigating Parkinson’s disease among Māori and Pacific peoples           
University of Otago    

Associate Professor Kirsten Coppell        
Integrating exercise and nutrition therapy to equitably address multi-morbidity        
University of Otago    

Associate Professor Katie Groom 
Whakapiri: nationally prioritised Māori māmā and pēpi health clinical trials   
The University of Auckland    

Dr Matthew Hobbs   
Generating evidence to improve uptake and equity in maternal immunisation  
University of Canterbury        

Health Delivery Research Career Development Awards (2nd tranche)

These grants provide an opportunity for a funded placement in a health delivery research team or health sector setting. They offer an alternative pathway into health delivery research aimed at attracting more people with relevant skills into this discipline.

Dr Sarvnaz Taherian
Understanding the enablers of innovation in the hospital environment           
Auckland DHB

Mrs Zeina Al Naasan
Tooth Wisdom: Integrating refugee cultural competency into dental practice          
University of Otago    

Dr Gavin Harris        
Developing momentum for Computer Assisted Diagnosis in Pathology       
Canterbury DHB        

Mr Christopher Higgs          
Realising the potential of the Primary Care Allied Health Workforce           
University of Otago    

Health Sector Research Collaboration Grants

These grants are a direct effort to facilitate more research that adequately responds to health sector, patient, and community needs. Below are the successful DHBs in the 2021 negotiated funding round.

Auckland DHB
Capital and Coast DHB
Nelson Marlborough DHB
Northland DHB
Southern DHB
Waitemata DHB
Whanganui DHB