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Urban poverty and homelessness among Pasifika living in South Auckland

7 months
Approved budget:
Miss Hulita Tauveli
Health issue:
Environmental health
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Masters Scholarship
Lay summary
Following previous research where I explored the impacts of urban poverty, substandard housing and overcrowding on Pasifika health and wellbeing, I seek to extend preliminary findings into a master’s thesis. Homelessness and urban poverty carry lethal health risks for Pasifika families. Impacts include higher risks of suicide, lack of social support, as well as cold and damp housing. Furthermore, Pasifika are at the higher end of overcrowding, which is associated with incidences of asthma, Sudden Infant Syndrome (SIDS), and accidental asphyxia. Despite this, there is no nationally coordinated response or programme of research. My aim is to explore the underlying mechanisms of urban poverty and homeless(ness) through photo-voice and in-depth interviews, within a larger collaborative effort to address homelessness involving New Zealand Coalition to End Homelessness members and the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland.