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Transforming research into child health equity: a 21st century approach

48 months
Approved budget:
Dr Paula King
Health issue:
Child and youth (healthy) development
Proposal type:
Clinical Research Training Fellowship
Lay summary
It is increasingly acknowledged that the greatest gains in healthcare are unlikely to arise from new scientific technologies, but rather from bridging the chasm between scientific research and delivery of quality healthcare. In New Zealand there is evidence of disparities in healthcare for Maori, widespread variation in child healthcare practices, and stark disparities in health outcomes for tamariki Maori compared with non-Maori. This study aims to explore how scientific research can be transformed into equitable 'real world' healthcare for tamariki Maori and whanau to reduce disparities. Underpinned by Kaupapa Maori methodology, this study uses a mixed-methods approach including systematic literature review, documentary analysis, in-depth interviews, Most Significant Change techniques, and quantitative analysis. This award will allow me to undertake a PhD that will prepare me well for an academic career as a specialist indigenous child health quality improvement researcher, ultimately enabling me to improve population child health and wellbeing in New Zealand.