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A randomised clinical trial of a new binocular treatment for amblyopia

51 months
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Professor Benjamin Thompson
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Amblyopia (""lazy eye"") is a common visual disorder (affecting ~5% of the population) characterised by loss of vision in one eye. Amblyopia impairs binocular vision, increases the risk of losing vision in both eyes and disproportionally affects people from lower socio-economic groups. Existing treatments for children are often poorly tolerated and there are currently no treatments available for adults. We have recently developed a new video-game based treatment for amblyopia that can be implemented on an iPod. Preliminary results indicate that this treatment is effective in children and adults and can improve both visual acuity and 3D vision. The objective of this project is to conduct a randomised clinical trial of our new treatment in older children and adults with amblyopia who currently have no treatment options. If successful, the trial will provide a new, effective, game-based treatment for the most prevalent visual disorders in New Zealand.