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A kaupapa Maori intervention for stroke-related communication disorders

79 months
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Dr Karen Brewer
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Māori Health Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lay summary
I am a Maori speech-language therapist (SLT) with an interest in stroke-related communication disorders. Having described the experiences of Maori with aphasia (language disorder post-stroke) and their whanau in my recently completed PhD thesis, it is important to apply the PhD findings to benefit Maori with stroke. Sixty-seven per cent of strokes cause communication impairments and these have major social and health implications for the stroke survivor and their whanau. The proposed kaupapa Maori research, employing quantitative and qualitative methodologies and methods, aims to design, pilot and evaluate interventions that will improve health and quality of life for Maori with communication disorders post-stroke. The proposed interventions involve a) a resource to enable Maori whanau to undertake self-directed communication rehabilitation under SLT guidance and b) a training programme for SLTs to increase their cultural safety. These interventions have the potential to improve health and wellbeing for Maori with stroke and their whanau.