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Impact of the Christchurch Earthquakes on the Health of Older People

18 months
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Dr Kathryn Peri
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Health Implications of the Canterbury Earthquake Project
Lay summary
With an increasing ageing population and an increasing risk of natural disasters being reported by scientists around the world, a better understanding of the implications of these facts and the risks for older people need to be made explicit in this under-researched area. In addition, recent scientific evidence has reported that New Zealand, and in particular Canterbury, will continue to have sizeable earthquakes and aftershocks for several more years. This study aims to explore the ongoing impact of the Christchurch earthquakes on older peoples’ health in primary health care one year post the Christchurch earthquakes. It is proposed to re-interview the 1095 older adults enrolled in the BRIGHT trial, to investigate their health status in the recovery phase using survey methods and longitudinal analyses to identify the health effects of the earthquakes. The main health outcomes will include quality of life, health and functional status, and primary health care service utilisation.