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How to improve outcomes for women with breast cancer in New Zealand

22 months
Approved budget:
Professor Ross Lawrenson
Health issue:
Cancer (oncology)
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Project
Lay summary
New Zealand has the seventh highest mortality rate from breast cancer (BC) in the world. Maori and Pacific women fare even worse. We have data on 12,500 women with BC (including 1200 Maori and 850 Pacific women) from the Waikato and Auckland Breast Cancer Registries. We aim to explore the differences in characteristics of women with BC, their access to care and quality of treatment comparing Maori, Pacific and non-Maori/non-Pacific. We will examine the impact these differences have on BC survival and recurrence. Based on our findings, we will pilot improved and targeted care coordination for a group of women with newly diagnosed BC. Working with our local breast cancer care co-ordinators, our strategy will be to address key issues such as patient understanding, timeliness and adequacy of treatment, adherence to medication, and appropriate tailoring of treatment to specific sub types of breast cancer such as HER-2 positive. This grant was awarded to The University of Auckland but was later transfered to University of Waikato.