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Foot and ankle characteristics associated with falls in rheumatoid arthritis

36 months
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Mrs Angela Brenton-Rule
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Clinical Research Training Fellowship
Lay summary
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has devastating effects on the foot which may increase the risk of falls. Podiatric management is therefore vital in RA and there is increasing recognition of the podiatrists' role in the multidisciplinary team. In New Zealand, exciting research opportunities exist in podiatric rheumatology with expertise and support structures currently in place. The proposed PhD research will assess the relationship between foot deformity and falls in RA. The research will identify predictors of falls, specific to the foot and ankle, and inform the development of an intervention that prevents falls in RA. As a clinician and educator in the AUT School of Podiatry, I will disseminate research finding into current practice as well as impact future podiatric practice. The completion of the PhD thesis will also provide me with the skills and knowledge to design, fund and coordinate post-doctoral research as a continuation of the current work.