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Evaluating a Supported Discharge Team; a randomised controlled trial

34 months
Approved budget:
Professor Matthew Parsons
Health issue:
Other (generic health or health services)
Proposal type:
Health Delivery Research Partnership Project
Lay summary
Hospitals are not always the best location to provide care for older people. Supported Discharge Teams have been established in the community to help the transition from hospital to home, whilst reducing hospital length of stay. Despite the obvious attractions of such, the evidence remains mixed, ranging from strong support for disease-specific interventions such as stroke, to less favourable results for generic services, plus there is a complete absence of evidence surrounding the applicability of the model outside of main urban centres. Waikato DHB recently commenced a pilot Supported Discharge Team, with a view to establish the service across the Waikato should it prove effective. In a randomised controlled trial, we will test the impact of the new service on hospital length of stay, subsequent hospitalisations, institutionalisation and cost. This nationally pertinent research will allow Waikato DHB to make an informed decision around the roll-out of the service.