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E Mapu i Fagalele: Landscapes of Wellbeing for Samoan Elderly Living in New Zealand

12 months
Approved budget:
Ms Carmel Peteru
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Pacific Health PhD Scholarship
Lay summary
The aim of this qualitative study is to understand what 'being home' means to Samoan elderly people living in New Zealand. It will explore socio-cultural determinants that support and challenge efforts by Samoan elderly people to achieve and maintain holistic wellbeing. The research sites are Tokoroa, Glen Innes and Flatbush/Otara. Of interest are the experiences and meanings of for example ageing and being aged, spirituality, migration, wellbeing and palliative care within the context of 'being home'. This study will also explore significant differences and similarities between people born and raised in New Zealand and in Samoa. It is intended that the findings from this research will inform the development of inter-sectoral workforce and service delivery policy for ageing Samoan populations, and contribute to epistemological development within research on Samoan and Pacific ethnic specific populations.