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Determining the health-related impact of dysglycaemia in a local population

49 months
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Dr Patricia Metcalf
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Lay summary
Cardiovascular diseases (CVD), particularly heart attacks and strokes, are common preventable causes of death and hospitalisation in people with diabetes. Diabetes and dysglycaemia (abnormal blood glucose levels) are significant and increasing problems in New Zealand. There are substantial disparities in the prevalence of diabetes and dysglycaemia by ethnicity and many unanswered questions about the relationship between diabetes, dysglycaemia and CVD. We propose generating the world's largest single cohort study examining this relationship. The study aims are to determine: the measures of glycaemia most strongly related to risk of CVD; the most appropriate diagnostic criteria for dysglycaemia and diabetes in relation to CVD risk in different NZ populations; and to inform the development of predictive models for targeting CVD risk management in diabetes. This study will help maximise the cost-effectiveness of services to prevent and target treatment for CVD risk in people with diabetes and dysglycaemia in NZ