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Can a new 'Australasian Risk Score' reduce Chest Pain admissions in New Zealand

22 months
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Dr Martin Than
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Lay summary
This research investigates an innovative and workable change to the medical decision-making process for patients presenting to Emergency Departments with chest pain that is possibly due to a heart attack. This randomised trial aims to prove the effectiveness of a new 'fast-track' (2-hour) pathway compared with current, standard care. It uses a specially developed Australasian Low Risk Score to identify a low-risk group of patients, doubling the number that might have heart attack ruled out up to 10 hours earlier than is currently possible. This would make a tangible contribution to health care by preventing unnecessary hospital admission and facilitating early discharge home in a large group of patients. This outcome is beneficial to both patients and the health service, by reassuring patients earlier that heart attack has been ruled-out and by avoiding unnecessary admissions, duplication of staff activities, and reducing pressure upon urgent care services.