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2012 Pacific Research Networking Grant

3 months
Approved budget:
Dr Ofa Dewes
Health issue:
Proposal type:
Pacific Health Networking Project
Lay summary
The findings from my thesis (PhD awarded 2011, University of Auckland) highlighted an urgent need to invest in quality RCTs to identify sustainable solutions to reduce obesity among Pacific families. Also, that the church has a key role in health promotion and supporting interventions to accentuate healthy lifestyle choices, in partnership with Pacific health service providers, schools and researchers. In this study, Pacific church leaders identified obesity and diabetes as key health issues facing the church. The church has many advantages and is an ideal research setting because of the high proportion of Pacific peoples affiliated with it. Given the urgency of addressing obesity and type 2 diabetes in the Pacific community and the strength of the church in delivering community interventions, I propose a research initiative that will trial a lifestyle intervention model to address these health issues and develop the evidence-base to inform and strengthen policy and practice, as well as enhance people development. The proposed research will build on existing work locally, regionally and internationally. Successful execution of this research is dependent on effective communication and developing good relationships with the community and stakeholders. The networking grant will be used to defray the cost of engaging, facilitating and reinforcing these relationships to develop the research project proposal: * Hire of facilities * Transport * Stationery, communication * Koha * Hospitality