28 March - 9 May 2017
University of Otago, Christchurch
Rolleston Lecture Theatre | 2 Riccarton Ave | Christchurch Hospital campus

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Quake brain
Tuesday, 28 March (7pm)
Speakers: Professor Richard Porter and Associate Professor Joe Boden
We Cantabrians are often complimented on our resilience following more than 13,000 quakes in the region. But what state is our collective mental health really in? Find out, and hear about the everyday impairments even the most resilient among us now experience. 

Healthy ageing
Tuesday, 4 April (7pm)
Speakers: Drs Hamish Jamieson and Bev Burrell
We are now living longer but are we living better? This lecture will cover the keys to a healthier Third Age; the secrets our bodies reveal about how long and healthy we will live to be; and one thing we can all do (spoiler alert: it's not exercise or a daily glass of wine) to help ourselves feel better as we age and deal with chronic health conditions.  

Partners in a healthier Pacific
Tuesday, 11 April (7pm)
Speakers: Professor Steve Chambers and Kiki Moate.
The University of Otago, Christchurch, is involved in work in the Pacific to improve health standards, both on a population and personal level. Hear about the work of infectious disease expert Steve Chambers and paediatric surgeon Kiki Maoate, and how we are training Pacific Island health care professionals to better assist their communities.

Educating our future doctors - have your say
Tuesday, 18 April (7pm)
Speakers: Professor Tim Wilkinson and Jen Desrosiers
It takes a community to raise a doctor. This interactive lecture will start by highlighting some of the current strategies we are using to create socially accountable doctors of the future. Then the floor will be open to the audience to bring forward ideas about how the medical curriculum can be enhanced to better respond to the needs of the community.

Vitamin C: snake oil or cancer and infection therapy?
Tuesday, 2 May (7pm)
Speakers: Drs Gabi Dachs and Anitra Carr
Vitamin C is vital for human health but New Zealand's recommended daily intake is among the lowest in the world and does not result in optimum levels in the blood. What are optimal levels for the healthy and unwell? And what evidence is there for the use of vitamin C in cancer patients and those with serious infections, including current Christchurch studies to answer these important questions?

The wonderful world of 3D-bioprinting
Tuesday, 9 May (7pm)
Speakers: Associate Professor Tim Woodfield and Dr Khoon Lim
You might be surprised to learn know that Canterbury is home to world-leaders in 3D-bioprinting. This is where human cells are 3D printed into pieces of tissue, cartilage, bone - and one day possibly viable organs for transplant. This lecture will explain current technology; how far off we are from printing new hips and knees; and the world-leading work our scientists and engineers are doing to get there.

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28 March 2017