We will upload information about the latest recipients to have been awarded HRC funding for all of our funding opportunities as this information becomes officially available.

The information provided is for ‘year to date’ funding.

Previous Recipient List

  • 2016 Funding Round - Project
    Dr Jichao Zhao
    University of Auckland
    Targeting human atrial microstructure: The key to resolving atrial fibrillation
    36 months
  • 2007 Career Development Award - Sir Charles Hercus Fellowship
    Yiwen Zheng
    University of Otago
    Searching for answers to cognitive deficits following vestibular damage
    55 months
  • 2017 NZ-China non-communicable diseases
    Dr Yiwen Zheng
    University of Otago
    Using Chinese medicine to treat tinnitus: targeting metabolic networks
    24 months
  • Clinical research training fellowship (2018 funding round)
    Dr Mark Zhu
    University of Auckland
    Designing and using animal models to improve tendon healing
    36 months
  • 2014 Funding Round – Feasibility Study
    Dr Caryn Zinn
    AUT University
    Carbohydrate-restricted diets in the treatment of obesity in children
    12 months
  • 2013 Funding Round
    Dr Andrea ‘t Mannetje
    Massey University, Wellington
    Pesticide exposure and early biomarkers of non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk in farmers
    36 months
  • 2012 Funding Round
    Dr Andrea ’t Mannetje
    Massey University, Wellington
    Cure Kids
    MOBI-KIDS New Zealand: Risk Factors for Brain Cancer in Children and Adolescents
    36 months