We will upload information about the latest recipients to have been awarded HRC funding for all of our funding opportunities as this information becomes officially available.

The information provided is for ‘year to date’ funding.

Previous Recipient List

  • Ngā Kanohi Kitea Full Project Grant
    Dr Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai
    Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development
    Haunui, haurua, hauora!
    18 months
  • 2012 Pacific Health Research Partnership
    Dr Jemaima Tiatia
    Auckland UniServices Limited
    The HRC, in partnership with the Ministry of Health
    Suicide prevention for Pacific youth in New Zealand: Pacific community solutions
    20 months
  • Pacific Postdoctoral Fellowship (2016 funding round)
    Dr Ramona Tiatia
    University of Otago, Wellington
    App for Houses and Households (A4HH)
    12 months
  • Pacific Knowledge Translation Grant (2016 funding round)
    Dr Jemaima Tiatia-Seath
    The University of Auckland
    Tongan youth suicide prevention resource
    6 months
  • Māori Health Research PhD Scholarship
    Ms Kelly Tikao
    University of Otago, Dunedin
    Iho – a cord between two worlds. Traditional Māori birthing practices
    36 months
  • 2008 Partnership Programme
    Professor Murray Tilyard
    South Link Health Inc
    The Health Research Council of New Zealand, Medsafe
    Utility of primary care computer records for product vigilance
    9 months
  • 2008 Funding Round
    Dr Mattie Timmer
    Malaghan Institute of Medical Research
    Glycolipid adjuvants for anti-cancer immunotherapy
    36 months
  • 2009 Funding Round
    Dr Sandar Tin Tin
    The University of Auckland
    Taupo Bicycle Study: Follow-up of a cohort of cyclists
    48 months
  • Pacific Health Research Masters Scholarship
    Mrs Alexandria Tino
    The University of Canterbury
    Does resveratrol restrict the growth of metastatic ovarian cancer?
    12 months
  • Emerging researcher first grant (2017 funding round)
    Dr Petr Tomek
    University of Auckland
    IMPACT-ful resistance mechanism of cancer cells
    36 months
  • Explorer Grant (2018 funding round)
    Dr Melanie Tomintz
    University of Canterbury
    Towards personalised digital health services for preventable health conditions
    24 months
  • Māori health research summer studentship (2018 funding round)
    Miss Frances Toohey
    University of Auckland
    Literature review for Pae Herenga study
    10 weeks
  • 2006 Partnership Programme
    Ms Sarah Travaglia
    Disability Resource Centre Auckland Inc.
    Health Research Council of New Zealand, Ministry of Social Development
    The Cost of Disability Research Project
    28 months
  • 2010 Funding Round
    Dr Adrian Trenholme
    Counties Manukau District Health Board
    Intervention study of children at high risk of chronic lung disease
    36 months
  • 2008 Partnership Programme
    Dr Adrian Trenholme
    Centre for Clinical Research and Effective Practice
    Health Research Council of New Zealand, Ministry of Health
    The impact of pneumococcal vaccine on hospital admission in young children with pneumonia
    46 months
  • 2016 Funding Round - Project
    Professor Richard Troughton
    University of Otago, Christchurch
    Reducing the burden of atrial fibrillation
    36 months
  • Project
    Professor Richard Troughton
    University of Otago, Christchurch
    Reducing heart failure readmission: The IMPERATIVE-HF study
    36 months
  • Projects
    Professor Richard Troughton
    University of Otago, Christchurch
    Dietary sodium reduction to improve heart failure outcomes: The SODIUM-HF study
    36 months
  • Explorer Grant (2017 funding round)
    Dr Penelope Truman
    Massey University, Wellington
    Changing our view of tobacco dependence: the monoamine oxidase inhibitor story
    24 months
  • Pacific Health Research PhD Scholarship
    Miss Siobhan Tu'akoi
    The University of Auckand
    Non-communicable disease risk in Rarotongan adolescents
    36 months